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    SanSi the quality,
    Source in science and
    Strives for perfection,
    The user is supreme!
    Humanist, the system is
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    Molds the first-class
    Pursues the customer to
    be satisfied.
    Changes is impossible
    is the possibility,
    Changes is possibly the

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    NanTong SanSi Electromechanical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is a enterprise of the type of science and technology, including instrument exploitation, production and sales, which is located in the entrance to the sea of ChangJiang river and adjoins ShangHai. Our company has strong technology research power, which has built collaborated relationship with numerous research organizations and universities. The textile instrument series that our company produces include the test of biber, yarn, fabric, dye and garment and so on. These products not only have high technology content and high intelligence, but also have simple structure, handy operation, and stable property, which adequately embody the product characteristics of an Sitechnology. Especially, it is best domestic device which are electronic pattern loom and spintester developed with NanTong Textile Vocational Technology College cooperation, Fully automatically Ventilated fast constant temperature oven developed with Zhejiang Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Hose Multifunctional Stretcher developed with TianJin Knitting Technology Research Institute cooperation, At the same time the company passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system demonstration.
    The quality of Sansi comes from technology. Our company is popular with numerous users by virtue of advanced facility, first-class process, stable quality and excellent service. Our company, as a advanced technology enterprise, occupies the aim of integrity, innovation, speciality and service. Our company sincerely supplies numerous users with high-quality products that can staisfy the request of property test, depending on the spirit of unremitting efforts, exploitation and innovation, and go-ahead.
    NanTong SanSi Electromechanical Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has built strong sale and service network in every province and city, and numerous users can mostly enjoy the service that is considerate and convenient.


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